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    Question How exactly does GH burn fat?

    hey bros,
    okay we all know about the fat burning properties of GH...

    but how exactly does this take place?

    I hear that GH slows down T-3 production as well, so wouldn't that actually lessen the amount of fat burned and slow down the metabolism?

    I am confused and was hoping someone could shed some light on the mechanism by which GH burns so much fat.


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    There are two enzymic factors that control fat cell stores they are HSL(Hormone Sensitive Lipase and LPL(Lipoprotein Lipase).

    HSL induces fat excretion from fat cell while LPL promotes fat synthesis.

    GH stimulates HSL and inhibits LPL. While on the other hand insulin increases LPL activity and inhobits HSL activity.

    Thats one of the reasons why GH and slin stack so well together.

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