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    Exclamation CoRRECT USE OF LR3 IGF-1....???!!!

    First of all Hello from Germany.
    This is my first posting here and
    I would like to do it more often though my English is not that good.
    Since at the board I don't get any expert answer or information
    I turn myself to you in hope that you can help me.
    Here in Germany we are not as far as you in USA.
    For weeks I have been looking for information to put together that I can
    However, now I would like to depict my problem to you and I know that you
    probably went through this 1000 times but unfortunately there are
    so many conflicting statements. Namely it was a matter of one 10mg Long R3 IGF-I vial -media grade-,
    which is real guaranteed.
    It is clear to me when and how I am suppose to take it; however,
    regrettably it is NOT clear to me how I should
    mix it correctly without demoting it. I think it is important to keep it in the freezer,
    divide it into many vials and create optimal PH-worth, but with which fluid?
    Here are my questions to it:
    Many people recommend BA and that it is possible to keep it in the freezer
    for a long time.
    Others in turn say it would destroy the peptide and no optimal PH-worth can
    be achieved.
    Then I found the argument with distill white vinegar very interesting
    because you can get to a suitable PH-worth.
    But doesn't t it destroy the solution if it gets frozen in the freezer? If
    no, for how long is it stable after the defrost?
    Then there is this instruction sheet that I have from laboratory with 10mM
    HCI or Acetic Acid,
    to be honest with you its not a nice thought. What is the mM standing for
    by HCI? is that a measurement?
    Or is it indication of how strong the acid is?And how much of HCI or Acetic
    Acid do I have to put in?
    Then I read that in addition I should pull up Bac Water in the shot to
    minimize the pain and to get out the rest.
    Unfortunately here in Germany we don't have that version with 0,9% BA as you
    in USA, would it be possible to make it myself when needed?
    For that we use NaCl Water, I think the name for it in US is Sodium
    Chloride Water or Saline Water correct?
    Can this be an alternative to BW?

    I am sorry I have dozens of questions; however, I don't want to make a
    mistake because here we don't get often the opportunity to get this stuff.
    I would be so thankful and I would appreciate if someone could take time to
    get me an expert answer.
    Unfortunately being here in Germany for now I can only say sincere THANK
    YOU and if I can do anything or help please let me know.

    I am very curious for your answer.
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    Why dont you buy Bac Water from the states? Im from sweden and its not sold there so i get it from the us but now i got me some BA and filters so i can make it myselfe(its 0,9%Ba in bac water not 10%) the other questions i leave to the experts

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    @ Titan1

    You are right, not 10% but 0,9% BA in BW.

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