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    NEVER take insulin if you feel sick

    not too long ago i started getting a cough
    i thought nothing of it as i figured it was all simple allergies

    the next day after i had taken 40mcg of igf1lr3 and 10iu's slin PWO+sugar
    i woke up feeling so sick i felt like i was gonna die

    a few days before when i had the cough my throat was slightly scratchy but nothing severe

    the day after i used the insulin + igf i felt so sick and my body was in so much pain i frequently wondered if i was going to die

    my lymph nodes were extremely swollen and it hurt to talk
    all the muscles i had worked were in extreme pain and my entire body throbbed in excrushiating pules of pain

    i told my doctor i had used the insulin and he said that i probably a minor bacterial infection BUT THE INSULIN USE HAD MADE MY BACTERIAL INFECTION DRAMATICALLY MORE SEVERE
    so as a word to those guys thinking about using insulin or igf and insulin together, if you feel even SLIGHTLY sick dont risk it... its taken me a week to even feel good enough to walk around without constantly being loaded on anti-inflammitories and acetominofen

    that was by far one of the most painful experiences ive ever had and hope you newbies learn to be very careful when using insulin and NEVER EVER EVER TAKE IT IF YOU FEEL ANY SIGN OF HAVING A COLD, COUGH, INFECTION OR ANYTHING

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    I'm sure that the igf didn't help either. When you're starting to get sick it's a sign that your system is weak. When u add anything to boost your body, it stresses it even more.

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    "i told my doctor i had used the insulin and he said that i probably a minor bacterial infection BUT THE INSULIN USE HAD MADE MY BACTERIAL INFECTION DRAMATICALLY MORE SEVERE"
    How cool is your doctor? If I had a pateint who was injecting a very dangerous drug, I would probably tell him the same thing. But I'm not a doctor.
    I just see no reason why an increased level of insulin would make a bacterial infection more severe. The stress of working out and the protein synthesis demands of the igf maby, but insulin? It is not like it increases the rate at which bacteria absorb nutrients.
    But I am not a doctor so I don't know.

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    You can't always blaim the drugs you are using. It could simply be your genetics, and you clearly stated that you had a cough before you started using IGF and insulin , so obviously those drugs wern't the cause of your illness. You never know, you could have felt the same way even if you didn't use IGF and insulin.

    However, when you are taking so many different supplments and compounds, it's hard to comment on what is making you sick. It could be anything, or it could be none of those things. You wont know unless you run some kind of a test. I also don't see how insulin can be part of this, perhaps it has something to do with it, and if so, it's defenitly beyond my knowledge.

    It's always good to come across new stories such as this.

    Better luck next time.


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    FYI - a lot of doctors like to blame any medical problem you have on whatever bad habit of yours they don't like. especialy with steroids . some feel it is their medical duty to make you change your behavior, even if it means distorting the facts or outright lies.

    after my MRI, my ortho tells me "you have a tear. have you done steroids, because if you have, it's not repairable and you'll never recover. if you've never done steroids, i can do the surgery that will repair it". i'm not making this up, he really said this to me. while i realize that roids can increase the risk of injury, and some even inhibit collagen synthesis, the tear is either repairable or it's not. there are irrepairable injuries in non-enhanced athletes, and there are many steroid athletes who have successful surgeries. the guy was obviously trying to manipulate my behavior, and didn't mind lying to serve his "higher truth".

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