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Thread: GH question

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    GH question

    someone wrote me with a question about GH. i don't normally post PMs publicly, but i am not the board GH expert and i didn't want to give bum advice and the PM contained no sensitive info.

    "6-9 months dosing vs. 2 years "


    did you ever find an answer to your speculation of HGH ED dosing and the recovery rate? I am using 4iu ed and in week 9 of what is to be a 6-9 month cycle (not 2 years like the study you showed in another post)... did you find an answer to whether this length of time results in a similarly long GH resistance after coming off?

    also, I have var... would you recommend running the var at 60mg / ed with my HGH cycle (e.g. will it help me get more "value" out of the HGH than just running it alone)?

    also, should I add t3 for the same reason - to get more value out of my HGH?

    my goal is to burn fat and put on some more muscle (surprise) and 9 weeks into this jintropin, I am starting to have the signs that the GH is working (better heavier lifts, more stable, water retention in hands, elbows sensitive, eating a lot but seeming a little leaner)... should I just wait until I hit the 3-4 month mark before contemplating the addition of those other things because maybe the GH hasn't had enough time to work fully?

    I thank you for any advice you can offer and I understand if you do not have time to reply.


    great question, but we need your stats/goals/experience to give you the best advice.

    someone posted a similar question to red baron, and he stated that he was doing well going 5/2, 6 months on, month or 2 off. he stated that this program did not appear to give him any serious resistance issues. he is the most experienced/expert person i've encountered on GH, except for maybe the legendary Iromaster.

    the study was very interesting, but limited, and not completely applicable to our situation.

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    i find the resistance isseus very disturbing and i hope someone can provide more information about this.
    MMA did you find any info regarding osiris his thread about erbisol?


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