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    Anybody use IGF and Winstrol?

    like the question says? what results can one expect off this? my source just got some and am thinkin of gettin some IGF to try it out for 6 weeks or so,any feedback is much appreciated

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    are you planning to use some sort of test in that cycle?
    if youre gonna ad prop to that then youre gonna have a hell of a cycle.
    stick with the igf to 4 weeks.

    no one can tell you what kind of gains you will gonna get,depends on too many factors.


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    I just started a igf-1 winny combo cycle. im also on hgh and t3 though. but its been about 2 days for the igf 40 mcgs/ed and about a week so far of winny at 50 mg/ ed. i will let you know how it goes.

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    im thinkin of throwin in some test...just did prop on my last appreciate an update bro,thanks

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