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    Suggestions for including GH or not including GH

    Im 24, 5'5" 200 lbs, 14% body fat
    I'm more interested in strength and fat loss for this cycle.

    tren 300mg a week/8 weeks
    winny 50mg a day/4 weeks
    var 40mg a day/8 weeks
    eq 500mg a week / 12-14 weeks
    test e. 750mg a week/ 14 weeks
    nolva and arimidex throughout

    should i add GH for site reduction of fat at 2-4 iu's a day throughout?

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    Strength train heavy, that doesn't mean train with heavy weight you can't handle, but the heaviest weight you can do for 5 reps/5 sets. Fat loss cardio and diet.


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