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    long r pre-made?

    getting ready to get some. they look like vials pre-made. once place talked about icing them down. MR's looked like a vial..complete

    Also 1 mg or 1 ml both sound awfully small. Surely this stuff needs to be diluted with bacteriological water?

    what do I need a 10ml vial and some bact water?


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    Dont add bacteriostatic water to your IGF while storing it as the igf will degrade.

    You are measuring your igf1 with slin pins so its easy to draw it from the vial.

    What i do is draw my IGF1 from the vial 60mcg for example, i then add some bacteriostatic water to inrease the volume of injection i only add the BW before injection.

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    Or just ask for extra acetic acid and add 1ml to the vial.

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    every little line on the slin pin is 20mcg draw to your desired dose and the fill the slin pin the rest of the way with bac water.any other questions you can pm me.

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    its not the size its how you use it

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