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    igf1-lr3 & Workout

    For the moment I train each bodypart two times a week. I'm following a cutting cycle. At the end I wil take the igf as pct.
    What would you advise. Keeping my workout schedule or changing it to each bodypart once a week?

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    i hope you mean as part of youre pct and not as a replacement for clomid.

    igf as part of youre pct will help you recover much easyer and sometimes even allows you to gain some.

    as for youre workout listen to youre body.


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    I would keep the workout as is. I don't really see what the advantage of changing would be.

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    I'd say make your PCT workouts simpler and abbreviated to avoid catabolism while your T levels are low. The scheme is up to you. IGF is ideal for PCT (I'm using it right now, works great), but as mentioned, it is only one element of PCT (and an optional one at that). Make sure the other stuff is in order too!

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