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    can someone guide me

    well .. i just started a cycle.. i was gonna save a GH cycle towards winter time. But since i can get my hands on a few kits now i was thinking about layering it on the current cycle i am doing. Is this a stupid idea or will it work?

    Tren 100mg ED
    Eq 600mg EW
    Prop 125mg ED
    var 60mg ED

    thats pretty much how its laid out... now would it hurt to lay on GH say 2iu a day for the first couple months then up it to say 4iu after that? for the following 4 months? should i add anything else to it??


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    its always wise to start at 2iu and then slowly work youre way up untill you reach the desired dose.
    bump it up by 0.5iu each time that way sides will stay too a minimum.


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    Cycle looks awesome bro. Definetly throw in HGH if you can afford it - and definetly run 25mcg T3 with it because both HGH and tren shut down your thyroid, a small dose will rectify that problem, and actually has some anabolic purposes, e.g an increase in protein synthesis.


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