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Thread: slin + IGF 1

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    slin + IGF 1


    If you decide to use both of them together, what precautions should you keep in mind? I mean you are supposed to take 10 grms of carbs per IU of slin, if you add the IGF -1, should you be ingesting even more carbs?


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    Because both IGF and insulin have an effect on BG, people choose to alternate the 2. However, both at once can be used, just be carefull and monitor your BG. I would defenitly have a lot of carbs on hand if I was to use those two compounds together. How much carbs one needs when using IGF + slin is beyond my knowledge as everybody is different. But like i said, having alot of carbs on hand is a wise idea when using these two compounds together.

    If I was going to use inslin + IGF together, I wouldn't use the usual slin dose. Just for my own sake i would lower it. I hear IGF and insulin easily creates hypoglycemia.

    All the best.


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    agree with gear on this one have lots of carb at ur side bc chance are taking both at the same time ull need them

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