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Thread: hgh and pct

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    hgh and pct

    need help. going to do test,tren ,d-bol with hgh.I start aas 6 weeks past hgh. then how far past pct do I stop hgh? or do you stop hgh same day pct ends. Really appreciate feedback.

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    depends on how long you can afford it to run the hgh.
    and for how long are you gonna run the aas?
    example if you gonna run a 12 week cycle then that would be allready 12+6 weeks=18
    plus if you run a long ester like enanthate it takes 2 weeks after last shot to start pct,assuming you need a 4 week pct that would make 24 weeks of hgh.

    if you can afford it you can always run it a bit longer.


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    Apr 2005
    thanks rodge.I'm doing 3 month cycle.I've only got 317 i.u's.So I gotta figure out,either 3 i.u's day 5 on 2 off.or 2 i.u,s 5/2 wish me luck.

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