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    running insulin without hgh?

    if i run insulin with deca and test will i get good results from the insulin or do i need to run it with growth????

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    insulin will give great results without hgh as its a nutrient pusher,so taken pwo with the right amount of protein/carbs it will speed up recovery.

    but be carefull as it is a very dangerous drug if used by someone uneducated.

    so read up on it and decide if its something that fits youre goals.


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    No matter what you stack insulin with, it will always have the same role (force nutrients into cells). This is always a beneficial addetive no matter if you use it alone, or if you stack it wth with any other compound(s)


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    I'm in my last week of my 10 week cycle of tren acet and test prop and at week 6 I started with slin(humalog) and to be honestly I made incredible gains with the slin everybody in the gym knows that I'm juicing not that I told anyone but they can see it you know especially when I started the slin. I love this stuff I'm definately going to use it again in my next cycle in the future but I have to tell you I have don 6/7 months of research before I started to use it. I only had once some light signs of hypo but that was my own fault I could prevent it. So if u want to use it definitaly do some research because it will kill you if you don't.

    I started with 2iu PWO and upped it every workout with 1iu to a maximum of 10iu i personally wouldn't go over 10iu but thats my opinion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PROUD TO BE DUTCH!

    I started with 2iu PWO and upped it every workout with 1iu to a maximum of 10iu i personally wouldn't go over 10iu but thats my opinion.

    Yea you are so right about that one Dutch. I did the same exact thign but when I hit 10iu my body couldnt handle it. I stuck w/ 8 and it worked like a charm. THe trick that helped me out is that try to take it w/ the least amount of carbs. I know it sounds dangerous but you have to get to that magic number where you can push the most amount on slin w/ the least amount of carbs. I know that might scare some people but just play w/ some numbers and see what works for you. Personally 8ius PWO and about 60-80 grams fo dextrose and I'm good to go.

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    Had a client that was diabetic didn't know he was until he got real sick, lost weight, and started feeling like crap. Got his insulin and man, he put on a solid..solid 30 pds. in 2 months... huge guns, big was amazing

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