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    Couple questions on HGH

    I keep browsing this forum looking for more info and pics as the concept of HGH intrests me. I am on my firtst AAS cycle and have some questions about HGH..

    My info: (24, 6ft 197lbs, ?bf, would like to lean down, wellness, and skin & anti aging benefits)

    1. When everyone says the results last is this true of the fat loss? I.E. new muscle cells and your genetics as to bodyfat etc slightly change permanently? Also at a 3 IU dosage would I see anything else as far as my body changing muscle structure?

    2. Also it seems for my interests 3 IU for 6months 5/2 which would be about 360IU's correct? Most likely I would take Jin for the accessibility of it.

    3. Does anyone have any before and after pictures? I tried searching but everything is just opinions or statements, I would love to see real evidence of the power of HGH.


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    Anti-aging at 24 nothing is permenet in this game. You stop eating right and training and it'll be gone


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    i wish i was 24 again!

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    Your questions can be answered by using the search function, all of this has been talked about a great deal in this forum. As was already said I don't know why you're interested in the anti-aging aspect @ 24. I don't think you'll get much out of HGH for that at this point (why would you want to anyway?)

    Just do a search bro you'll fine everything just fine. Check the pics forum for the pictures, there still might be some in here too though
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    What are you trying to accomplish, I"m using it for fat loss and general well being... you should do about 3-4 iu's because at your age your igf-1 values are allready pretty high. Make sure you get those checked to see what your level is.. I would read up on all the previous posts...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyB
    Anti-aging at 24 nothing is permenet in this game. You stop eating right and training and it'll be gone

    Lol...thats what I was thinking. If you think 24 is aging bro...wait until you hit 40!

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