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Thread: hey guys

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    hey guys

    hi guys

    ive just finished my 1st year of uni, and im about to go on cycle again, when i get home

    gh is gonna be a 'base' ill stay on for 6-12mths, im just not sure what dose to use, i read all different stories about low doses working, and not working etc

    ill be doing 7 days on whatever dose i do, the question is should i use 4iu,6iu or 8iu? my goal is just to get bigger, nothing special

    anyone with any experience at these doses, ur view would be appreciated


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    if ur goal is to get bigger stick with 5 or 6iu a day and cycle AAS on and off with the gh running constantly

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    I would start with 4iu's and if everything is good then move up to 6iu's. If you can handle 8iu's then God Bless You because when I tried 8iu's for my next cycle the sides were just not worth it for me.

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