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    GH Question..Need know..

    Is it really worth taking GH at the age of 24? I have heard different views on the right age to start taking it..Some people say 24 is to young but some say 24 is ifne..I dont want to waste my money...

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    its worth it but you will need a higher dose to notice something.

    i don't think 2iu will do much at your age.

    after thirty is where the magic begins due to allready lower endo gh.


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    I've read many posts on this matter and for the most part they do not agree. I'm 22 and i'll be taking Jin for 6 months @ 2iu's daily 5/2 anyways. I have a good feeling about it. I figure that if you train hard and eat a disciplined diet whether bulking or cutting you will have a considerable edge. I may shorten my cycle just a bit maybe 5 months to up the iu's @ 2.5 daily. I don't plan on spending that much money on gh to take large amounts, i'll cycle this with nothing else to see my results. I will then stack deca /d-bol for mass, and i'm done. Later I'll probably do some Jin again, every 3 yrs. for maintanance would be

    I'm in the process of getting my stuff now and i'll be posting all results on here.. cya and good luck!

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    I'm almost 22. And the dose that seems to work wonders for is 6iu's ed. I tried 8 but could not handle the sides. But yeah I say its worth it.

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    when i was 23 i ran 2iu of jin ED...i personally liked it...but i also get all those side effects...hands fell asleep and bloat (even in the beginning when i wasnt on cycle)...but i deffinately gonna try it again when i saved some money...

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    I'm 20 and running 4iu's a day 7/0 of jin for 6 months started about 5 weeks ago just starting to feel it kick in. If i were u i would run the gh you wont waste your money
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