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    Injecting HGH into subQ fat?

    I'm just starting a 6 month cycle of 3iu of jino a day. One question I have that I haven't been able to get a complete answer to is whether it's okay to inject HGH into the fat layer on my stomach. A lot of the guides reccommend injecting into the belly around the navel, rotating sites to get some local fat losss. However my fat layer around my bell button is thick enough that a .5 inch insulin pin won't penetrate it completely - should I just inject into the fat layer or should I look for a thinner area?

    (I know this is a dumb question, but i just haven't found a direct answer to yet).

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    there is a link to a site that illustrates the injection patterens if someone can help this guy out.....

    just stay at least 1 inch away from navel.

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    Some people pinch fat and inject it straight into the pinched fat like you're talking about, and some pinch fat and inject at an angle underneath the pinched fat to go between the fat and the muscle. The truth is either way is ok, and IM is fine too.

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