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    hgh and finger numbness/hand swelling?

    half way through my 3rd kit at 6iu's a day 7 days a week, and the past 3 weeks my fingers have been numb in the morning, and my hands slightly swollen. The numbness has worked its way into parts of my day besides morning lately, and it's got me curious as to how long it will last, is it damaging, etc. Just curious if you guys experience much of the same thing? I've got another 2 kits after this one, should I back it down to 4iu's ed or what? I don't mind the numbness, I just don't want to damage anything.

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    no damage as far as i know.

    try 200mg b6 it worked for me if not lower your dose.


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    Damn 6ius/every day. I had severe problems with the numbness at 4ius/day with a 5on/2off cycle. I eventually went down to 2ius which I thought was perfect for me. It did give me carpol tunnel in my right wrist, which is finally under control now. That was the only bad side effect for me..

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    when i wake up my left f-ing thumb ALWAYS feels like it's streched and when i rock it back and forth i can feel that the joint is full of fluid. it goes away two minutes after i get up. 5iu 6/1

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    My fingers on my right hand have been numb for the past few weeks. Im was taking 5 iu's a day and this week I lowered it to 4. My index, middle, and ring finger stay numb all day long!!! Its causing my grip to be extremely weak. It feels like an electric shock sometimes when I try to grab something. Will this eventually go away or what? Ive been on GH for about 2 months 5 on 2 off.

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    You always need to start @ 2iu and work you way up to desired dose, you can still get the CTS without the swelling


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