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    Where And When To Do Slin____?

    I have ran Slin before but have learned some new info that I just want to clarify before I start again. The new info I'm talking about is people are saying to shoot in the body part you worked that day. OK, so if I did Bi's do I shoot 5iu in each???? What about chest? Would I also shoot 5iu in each pec?? When I ran it before I basically injected 10iu intramuscularly alternating between quads regaurdless of body part trained. And what about back??? When I train my back do I jsut stick the quag again or reach around and hit the lat?? I know it's a lot of questions but a thread like this can clarify a lot for me and hopefully many others.

    I want to try injecting in the body part trained but should I do it as listed about??? I'm just scared about injecting to my pec. I did once before w/ Kynoselen and didnt like the feeling at all

    What about days off?? 10iu in the AM of just shoot it PWO?

    Let me know bro's, I'm going to start my Humalog next week. 10iu PWO w/ 100 grams of dextrose mixed w/ 10 grams Glutamine and 10 grams creatine.

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    just stick with pwo only.

    slin does'nt have any site enhancement,you must shoot it im and the only advantage you've got by shooting it in the muscle worked is the increaced bloodflow.

    i always do bi's cause thats were the skin/fat is thinnest and you get further in the muscle with a slin pin.


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