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    Running Jin kits and dosage questions?

    I got ahold of three kits to run and im getting another with my next paycheck, so that makes 4 kits. Im wanting to do a show, for fun and just to see if i have the dedication and what it takes to diet down, im not big at all, its my colleges show that they have annually. I only want to place somewhere in the middle im not going for the gold, i have done a few aas cycles so i know what im doing,

    I was wanting to run 2iu's day for 1st kit
    3iu's day for 2nd kit
    4iu's (split up into two shots) for the last two kits running arond till the show and a little bit after, so that will be for around six months,

    I will also do 5days on 2 off routine

    I have heard from some guys to start out with 4ius and see if you get any sides then back off, but that seems kind of like a bad idea, i want to avoid sides that is why i was building up. What do you guys think?

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    start at 2iu and work your way up by 0.5iu every 2 weeks.

    split the dose when you reach 3iu.

    good luck with your show,let us know how it goes/went.


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