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    heres a tip: inject b12 IM immediatly AFTER injecting insulin

    i did this the other day and i noticed a MAJOR difference

    ive injected insulin dozens of times before, and ive injected b12 dozens of times before...

    but this was the first i injected b12 right after insulin

    by injecting b12 inner muscularly a few minutes after injecting insulin (10iu's, along with 100g sugar in 2 coke cans) inner muscularly made a HUGE difference

    i IMMEDIATELY noticed a DRAMATIC change in my appetite and started eating EVERYTHING in sight (clean foods)... this has never happened to me before

    within 20minutes my hunger increased, and before it did i wasnt even interested in eating...

    then later on that night i also noticed my libido go up dramatically... like i was on viagra!

    not too mention i suddenly noticed an extreme pump which lasted for hours... that hasent happend to that extreme degree before

    (i took in 200g protein within an hour and half of doing this, along with 10g of creatine, 10g glutamine and 2g HMB)

    for those looking to put on quality mass, or really any quality muscle, i highly recommend trying this

    its my suspicion that it will make your muscle fibers more dense and thick, giving a more defined look... but who knows for sure

    try it!
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    Awesome. Slin makes me feel like shit and the last thing I want to do is eat, so I stopped using it - but this sounds like the answer!

    Cheers bro

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    how the hell did you get 200 grams of protein in...thats like 7-8 shakes....or something...

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    after reading this, i tried this the other day and didnt notice shit. just my two cents. doesnt hurt to try though....

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    I don't see how you can notice such a huge difference from having only 1 shot of B12. B12 in general hardly makes a difference anyway, well I am sure it does make a difference but nothing extremly noticable and def nothing after only 1 shot. I suppose this explains why cryptkeeper feels the way he does.

    Insulin can also make you hungry as well.

    Thanx for the tip anyway jgg1221.


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