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    IDEAL reconstituting solution?

    Ok,I have some IGF on the way and wanted to clarify something.It is coming along with amps of water for reconstitution.Im wondering if this would be best or (more likely)a solution of acedic acid would be ideal?
    Read a good post by the red baaron where he used an aa mix of some sortIvinegar and water I think)that was ideal for igtropin or similar IGF.
    Anyone?Would be nice if I could just use the water it comes with as that would be easiest,but Im looking for maximum effect and not losing any potency here,not simply the easiest method.Thanks

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    if its igtropin then if you use the water that comes with it its only stabil for 24 hours claims gensci but i tried it and my gues is that 48 hours should'nt be a problem but if u use AA that would be the perfect ph value for igf.


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