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    Need Info On Hgh Urgent!!!!!!!

    Hi my friend is in mexico at the moment and went to a pharmacia and he called me saying that they have human growth hormone for sale 10 IUs for 50 bucks i think but it was called gonadotropina and it was by the company Loeffler do any of you know if that is really HGH and if the company is legit? Also is that a good price? and Lastly how many IU's do you need for a complete cycle I heard you have to take HGH for at least 6 months

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    Do you plan on spending 6 months in mexico? or just risking your buddies life trying to bring it back across?

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    tru that, good luck getting that shit back here, especially with all the hype at the border and with anything steroid lately

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    Be carefull geting stuff from Mexico and getting it across the border.


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    That is not HGH bro...Gonadtropina is HCG . Yes, loeffler does make that and it is pretty good..It also isnt 10iu, it comes 10ml/10,000iu...On another note, $50 for that isnt a good deal at all if your getting it form the pharmacia direct. People pay close to that from a source.. Dont even take the risk..

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    damn thats expensive! thats 500 for a 100iu kit. way too expensive for my blood. i would stick to jintropin at 2.30/iu

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