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    R3 IGF-1 Post shot nutrition

    Firstly, as this is my first post on AR I'd just like to say hello to you all and what a great forum. I have been following things for a while. Anyway !.

    I am just about to embark on my first R3 IGF-1 (MR) cycle. I have a fair experience of anabilics and growth,5' 8", 200lbs,14% BF, 40 years old with a good base diet and training history.

    My question is about post shot nutrition, should I be concern with going hypo and how many grams of carbs should I consume and from what source?

    Cycle (From - Red Barons Post)
    When on HGH alone - 3 IU's first thing in the morning, 3 IU's early afternoon
    When on HGH / LR3 workout days - HGH 3 IU's first thing in the morning LR3 IGF-1 40mcgs immediately after workout
    When on HGH / LR3 non-workout days -LR3 IGF-1 40mcgs first thing in the morning into the muscle group worked the previous day.HGH - 3 IU's taken in the early afternoon.

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    its not as bad as with slin.

    keep some dex at hand just in case but personally i have never noticed any real hypo symptoms from igf.keep protein really high.


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    I would advise caution with the quantity as apposed to your diet at time of injection. I injected about 160mcg into one bicep, was going to do the same the next into the other bicep when I went hypoglycemic, I had to sit down, I felt dizzy, my body started to feel numb and I couldnt hear very well, I heard a high pitch noise, like when you got slapped over the ear...

    To tell the truth, I started praying lol... Luckily I relaxed, sat down, and it wore off after about 20secs of terror, I went straight to the fridge and howed down a heap of sweets, very scarey experience, I thought I had overdosed and was gonna die lol.

    Blood sugar levels will drop due to the insulin like effects. Hence Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF). As to what the grams of carbs to mcg of Lr3IGF1, I could only find info with reference to Insulin, hope this helps:

    The carb/protein drink taken after the insulin shot should contain AT LEAST 10 grams of carbs and 5 grams of quality protein per IU of insulin injected with little or no fat(creatine taken in this drink is optional but works great). Before an hour passes you should eat a normal balanced meal(high protein low fat with carbs). At 2.5 hours after the injection you should Consume a small meal. keep some gatoraid on hand just to make sure. Remember that insulin can still work much later so be careful and eat if you feel hypoglycemia symptoms.

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    160mcg's.......damn son!!!!

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    lol no ****in wonder you went hypo with 160. ur nuts. i take 80mcg per day and have no symptoms thus far

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    160mcg..... SAY WHATTTT!

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