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    keeping fat away while on slin

    can any one post a good guide to using the bg monitor to keep fat away with slin, specifically how to begin what i would call the hardest part of slin use, pw 10ius, but lowering the amount of carbs, say from 100 dex, down to 90, 80, 70, i am not very prone to going hypo, and when i have felt that i may, usually i get shaky in my hands, just a couple grapes will do the trick,

    just want some advice from some people who have successfully used slin with a lower than 10g of carbs to 1iu. thanks yall

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    i just lowered the dex slowly each workout untill i felt uncomfortable then upped it a litle.
    i feel ok with 55gram dex at 10iu slin but i always keep dex tabs at hand just in case.i don't advice this as long as your not comfortable with slin carefull.


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    As rodge said, just experiment and go by how you feel. If you feel fine with "x" amount of carbs then lower your carb intake by a little and see how you feel. I would keep on doing that till I felt a little hypo, and once you start feeling hypo symptoms, you know not to consume any less carbs, perhaps consume a little more carbs just to keep you out of hypo. That should be enough for both recovery and hypo prevention.


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