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    Need input fellas

    Im only 24 but am going to bang out some GH/slin. I know at my age GH isnt all that great but im planning on running 4iu ed, 6 on 1 off ( 6 months), then 6iu ed, 6 on 1 off for 6 months..I am already lean but have one area that has some fat on the love handles that I cant get off me. Would doing this GH help me lose the stubborn BF i have and put on some lean mass..
    thanks fellas..

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    your fridge
    It may help with the fatloss it depends on you. Your diet and training. And don't start right out the door with 6iu's. Go with 2iu's, then after 2-3weeks go with 3, then same to 4 up to 5 untill you feel okay for 6iu's.

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    it def can help but it still comes down to good old fashion dieting.


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