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    How big of a difference will IGF-1 help during PCT?

    I realize its very general sounding, but after my 15 weeks on prop ill be doing only nolva and clomid, nothing extra like hcg .

    If I throw in the quick 25 day supply of IGF1, how much a difference will it make in keeping gains?

    Generally speaking....

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    it will be good to run it you might even still gain during pct

    if you can get it no problem and can afford it i would run it bro

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    It wont hurt to add it in, and because everybody reacts differently, it's hard to say how much one can benefit from an additional compound added to PCT. It all depends on your diet, training, rest and genetics.


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    igf will help you recover faster and maybe allows you to gain some while doing pct.but research it before you plan on using it.


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