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    slin usage: only PWO

    im running a light cutter cycle of 350 test prop and 50 winny
    i want to use slin to maximize lean mass gain while having fatloss
    i am suppose to run first thing in the morning on empty stomach, so i can;t use slin upon waking up...
    if i use it only post work out, will i still see good lean mass gain? 4iu-7iu for 4 weeks......

    i will stack protein and carb, i don;t want to gain any fat.. but to loose fat
    please outline me correct PWO timing

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    If you are trying to loose fat, then I wouldn't be using insulin . Insulin increase the chances of fat gain by far and considering you are running a cutter, this isn't a good thing. So, IMO, you should leave insulin out of this. However, this doesn't mean insulin can't be used for cutting. Unless you excatly know how much carbs your body needs (which is almost impossible) then I wouldn't be using slin because any excess nutrients will lead to fat gain. From now on, it's up to you.

    If you were to use it, use PWO only, not AM, and make sure you don't consume too many carbs. If this is your first time with slin, then I would def leave insulin out of this. You really need to know how much (approx) carbs your body needs so you don't consume too much carbs PWO. To do this, you must experience insulin a few times and find out a comfy carb consumption amount. Once you have done that, you will know how much carbs is too much for you, and how much is not enough. A BG is a tool that will help you fine tune your diet, and if you are going to be using slin for cutting, I would def get one.


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    ok ill drop slin
    please give me input on my cutter cycle
    350 test prop/ 10 week
    winny 50mg ed 4-10 week(350mg per week)
    priviron 25mg ed or should i make it 50?

    goal: massive fat losee and some lean mass gain

    should i bump test to 75 mg ed?

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