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    danger too much carbs

    before i began to take slin,i would have more information.
    if i eat to much carbs .On the notice they say it can be dangerous you can have cramping in the stomack or vomiting sensation .... coma death(acidocetos)
    what to do to recover a normal level.

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    I can tell english is not your first language.

    I think you are asking what would you do if you went into a hypoglycemic state, what would you be able to do to prevent yourself from dying from a diebetic coma, correct?

    If you do not know the answer to that, you should not be messing with slin. It can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS if you do not know what your doing. Im not flaming, im just looking out for your well being.

    Anyways, its always a good idea to keep a candy bar or a soda on hand at all times incase you feel yourself going hypoglycemic. A coke has enough sugar to pull you out of most hypoglycemic reactions.

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    Sorry It's Not Hypo But Hyperglycemie I Buy Some Slin And In The Notice They Say It Can Be Dangerous To Eat Too Much Carbs ....
    Side Effects Are Vomiting Sensation ,nausea ... They Say It's Resultats Froma Too High Level Of Acidocetose .....
    For The Hypo Don't Worry I Know What To Do

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