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    pgf2a - HELP!!!!!!!!!

    ok i injected pgf2a subcutaneously for the fat burning effect into my love handles

    now i have lumps in there and its worrying me

    does anyone know if this could be seriously dangerous or if it could become malignant?


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    it`s coming from the BA(Benzyl Alcohol) bro that the hormone is solutioned..
    it`s fine.. will go away in few days

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    What is pgf2a??

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    Quote Originally Posted by tboney
    What is pgf2a??
    some shit that hurts like a mofo if you inject it im, bump back to the top........................................

    Let me know how that works on your love handles, I only injected in them a couple of times. I stoped because if you inject it im, like in your bicep it burns fat in the area but your muscle gets huge. So I was afraid that it would make my love handles bigger, I know I was probably just being paranoid but I'm interested to see if you see some results from it. If you do I might have to use the last bottle I have of it.

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