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    Making sure I'm injecting GH right with belly...

    So I just started taking about 3.5 IU's daily of Serostim. My doc told me I may need some longer syringes and I am using a 1/2 inch needle. I know you have to pinch the skin and try and get between the fat/muscle, but I have some thick and hard fat around the belly area right now. I have done it in the fat area "fold" under my chest since it seems softer around there...I don't want to be wasting it since it is expensive.

    Also, I the doc suggested to take 200mg of Depo Test and 200 mg of Deca every 2 week (or 100 mg of each weekly), how does that stack sound. I'm 30 yrs old and my goal is to burn fat since I am probably at high 20's or low 30 % in body fat right now. Was going to go to winstrol , but he told me that was way too toxic and this was a better route...I ran all my blood work and my test. levels are a bit lower than normal and gh levels are at the lowest also. I've taken several cycles in my 20's of usually deca/win/primo, etc.

    Need to get back on track...having a little lady for 2 years put me in the lazy swing and I've been back in the gym for about 2 months now.



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    If you're really worried about wastage you could just inject it IM - biceps would be easiest.

    Injecting into the layer of fat is okay though, just pinch a small skinfold and push the needle all the way in.

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