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    sterile water and bateriostatic water question +gh timing

    Ok now from a national lvl competitor i've been talking to heres what i was told (also he's being trrained by one of the top trainers out there no names...)

    He said just take the full 4iu's of GH at night 2hrs after my last meal when the blood sugar lvl is loweest. U'r naturla gh lvl at night when u sleep is low anyhow. No point taking it after u'r workout cause u'll just piss it away i don' think he meant literily piss it away.

    I asked him where to get bacteriostatic water for the GH kits he said just go to shoppers and grab sterile water the only thing is u have to use it within 2 days or something. Thats it. So i got some, but im taking 4iu's at a time so on the 3rd day i have 2ius still.... i hope that thoes 2ius are still ok.

    regardless i'm gonna try taking 4iu's at night 2hrs after the last meal and i'll let my other buddy try the split shots. I just wasn't too sure about the water thing..

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    You can use sterile or bac water, either is fine. I prefer bac so I can preload a weeks worth of syringes in one hit ... not sure about doing this with sterile water.

    I don't see a problem with taking the 4iu at once before bed as this is when your body is designed to use GH. Your natural GH pulses should recover within 4hrs of the injection so if you have it 2hrs before bed you're getting the best of both worlds.

    Also i've never seen a study which says your body can utilise only 2iu at a time - in fact they always use very high doses. So i'm not sure how people came to the conclusion of n more than 2iu at once.

    Keep us updated on the difference in results between you and your friend on the split doses.

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    your liver only can convert a certain amount of hgh into igf-1 wich is the main anabolic reason of gh,they say that 2iu is about the max so why risk wasting 2iu of hgh.
    read the sticky about reconstituting hgh on top of this page about the water you should use,then you will see that bac.water is the way to go.


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