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    what time to take gh help

    i am takin 2iu at 5 in the morning and 2 iu at 2o clock in the after noon is that good for the gh levels to hit in ,does work beter ,or should i take it at night before i go to sleep .

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    i have tried both ways and i can't notice a difference in gains.if you take it early in the day then it should'nt interfere with your natty release at night as so they say.this is something i doubt as gh release is related to igf levels and since your igf levels are elevated my gues is that your body prob don't or at least less gh produces.i stick to first thing in the morning and before bedtime as it improves my sleep quality bigtime.when i combine it with slin then i shoot my hgh in the morning and after my pwo slin shot wich is about 2.5 hours before bedtime.


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