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Thread: HGH is amazing!

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    HGH is amazing!

    It has been a month since I started with HGH 4iu's ED, and it also has been a month since my last injection of test e which was the end of a couple of almost back-to-back long and heavy cycles. On Pheedno's PCT now.

    I have been using AAS off and on for almost 20 years, and I have usually lost some weight after each cycle. Also, usually felt somewhat depressed before.

    I have not lost any weight at all this time, nothing. I am actually gaining weight! I am still getting AAS like pumps and my muscles are round and full. My strength is also much better than expected. The sense of well being that Dbol gives you pales in comparison to what you feel like with HGH.

    I'll be on this for a year straight, and seriously thinking of taking it longer.

    Thanks to all on this board for their information and experiences. It has lead me to a better life.
    HGH is amazing!
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    good luck with the rest of your cycle.
    i def would advice to take 3 months off after a year to avoid hgh resistance.

    keep us posted on upcoming results.


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    its better to take 7days per week? or 5/2 6/1 ???
    and i can take gh for 1year without gh resistance?

    tnx a lot

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