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Thread: insulin to cut

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    insulin to cut

    Is it possible to use insulin to harden up or put on quality mass. Im only taking avar/clen and was thinking of adding of slin. Would this benefit me at all

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    it might be hard to try to cut up and gain mass with slin if you have not used it before, it is complicated and there are a lot of important factors you probably need to have personal experience with before you try that

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    Chances of fat storage become higher when insulin is in the game. But as long as you don't have excess nutrients, you will be fine. Be carefull when combining slin and clen as both of these compounds have similar side effects, so if you were to experience these sides you would be left confused as you wouldn't know if you were going hypo or just experiencing sides from clen.

    I only recomend slin use for cutting for the experienced ones that know all about sides and know how much nutrients their body needs at certain times while insulin is active. Otherwise you could gain some fat or experience hypo. None of these are good.

    Blood glucose monitor is a great tool to use that will help you fine tune your diet by allowing you to see where abouts your BG leves are at. I would def get one if I was to use slin for cutting.

    Hope that helped.


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