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Thread: splitting hgh

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    splitting hgh

    would someone explain splitting hgh please... if your taking 4 iu does this mean 2iu in a morning and 2iu before bed??

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    Hi ahank,

    There are quite a few ways to take GH. Most common way is a dose in the AM, and a dose early afternoon (around 2PM). I also believe many take AM doses and bed time doses too.


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    gear is right on track. i like myself a shot before bedtime as it really improves my sleep quality.and i think that your endo hgh is supressed anyway cause of the negative feedback loop.


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    I agree with rodge. Ok ex. GH may be out of your system but it's an GH/igf axis. 2 shots of GH a day will lead to increased igf-levels for quite long and so will supress anyway.

    I too take upon rising early and just before bed. Also because of the 2 hour before and after a shot not eating I prefer bedtime over afternoon.

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    supersteve Guest
    Yeh I shoot 2iu sub-q in the morning then 2iu IM 1-2hrs before bed ... wake up feeling awesome. Definitely recommend a night shot.

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