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    slin advice please

    just come off a cycle of hgh as joint pains were getting really bad.

    the brand i used with ansomone and its crap, needed higher doses to get it to do something.

    am curently 230lbs, been off hgh for 3 weeks.

    got 400i.u of the danish hgh - nordatopin. lost of test e, equpoise and most other stuff available to use if needed. i dont get on with tren tho, sends me crazy.

    my target is to bulk upp more but quality.

    am gonna do a stack with hgh but am more curious about insulin . i have been reading up loads on this and am very confused on daosge and what type of insulin to take.

    any help or refrence links would be appritated also is there any propblems while doing aas while on hgh+slin, do i need to do lower/higher doses?

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    run slin 4on/4off.
    start with 4iu pwo and go up by 1iu every WO untill you reach 10iu.
    do search on pwo nutrition when on slin,gear has a lot of knowledge about it.
    always keep some dex at hand in case of hypo.
    run r-ala with chromium picolinaat in your off weeks to control bloodsugar.


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