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    Sep 2004

    i am having very strange pgf2a side effects...

    ive always had some slight fat around my stomach...

    i dont do much ab works, it just bores me to death

    nor do i do too much cardio

    but i injected pgf2a a few times into my several of my muscles... (about 20mg each time)

    and all of a sudden ive been noticing my abs starting to come through and my stomach getting flat, very rapidly (within a few days of injecting the pgf2a)

    now if you dont know this already, pgf2a causes some very unbearable side effects minutes after injecting.... barfing, and sh!ting yourself till your stomache is completely empty. pretty awful, and almost not worth it
    but considering it does this to you, it must have some effect on the region where the abs are

    does anyone know if its possible this stuff could burn ab fat with out even working them? i suspect it might

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    its cause it makes your stomach empty, are you using it for fat loss

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