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    Recommended IGF1 cycle for a 100/200 metres sprinter

    Hi all

    Was wondering what a good cycle of igf1 would be for someone looking to run very fast. I wanna start the cycle in September, and combine it with Anavar .

    However, not sure how much of each to take, or for how long.

    Remember, my goals are to dramatically improve my strength levels without putting on any extra weight.

    My stats are:

    Age 27
    Height 6'0
    Weight 192
    BF% 8-9 (approx)

    All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Well since you don't want to gain much weight here.

    igf-1 LR3 30mcg's ed after workout in muscle worked.
    Can do it for 5weeks on 5 off. And by the third time using you can bump the dose to 40mcg's. And you might want to lower your bf some what that really helps with sprints.

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    Thanks for that. Really helpful

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