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    igf-1 long r-3 questions...need help please

    I have 1000mcg's and am currently running the following.
    test e 750mg week
    eq 500mg week
    starting tren 75mg ed tomorrow
    eating like a cow

    My questions is will 20mcg's ed for 50 days benefit me or 40mcg's for 25 days be better?
    should i run with cycle or wait til pct?
    and finally i keep seeing that this is best when site injected?true or false

    please help as this wil be my first run with igf-1 and want to make sure im doing it right.

    thanks to all

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    supersteve Guest
    As this is your first run with igf-1, 20mcg per day might be enough for you to notice results. If you don't notice anything, then bump it up to 40mcg.
    If you only have enough for one cycle, run it 2 weeks before the end of your cycle and then 2 weeks into PCT so you keep your gains and perhaps even gain some more.
    You don't need to site inject as lr3 has a 10hr half-life.

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    supersteve is right only i would start of with 40mcg right away.if its your first run then you could try 5on/2off and see some nice results.this way you got 5 weeks to go,starting last 2 weeks of your cycle and 3 in pct.this aproach works best imo if you end your cycle with short acting gear like prop,so that you can start your clomid almost immediatly after last shot of test.


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