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Thread: Igf-1

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    Going to be running IGF-1 two weeks on Monday OK question is how much should I run with... was thinking 60mg PWO which will be 6 times per week.. (I train 4on1off) do you think this is to much?? also I'll be running 5IUs HGH

    Do you get local growth from IFG?? some poeple say yes others no, anyway going to be sticking it in my chest PWO with a 1inch slin pin... this ok??


    Jintropin 5IUs 5on 2 off 6Months Split Morning / Night 2.5IUs
    Insulin 1-4 / 9-12 / 17-20 10-15IUs PWO
    IGF-1Lr3 5-8 / 13-16 / 21-24 60mg PWO
    Dianabol 1-4 Weeks 50mgs ED
    Trenbolone Acetate 1-8 Weeks 75mg ED
    Testex 1-12 Weeks 500mg E3D
    Virormone 8-14 Weeks 200mg EOD
    T3 Cytomel 6Months 25mcg ED
    HCG 1-8 Weeks 750Ius EOD
    B-12 1-14 Weeks 1ml EOD

    HCG 13-14 1500IUs 3 Times a Week
    HCG 14-15 1500IUs 2 Times a Week
    Clomid (Day1) 300mg
    Clomid (Days 2 - 14) 100mg ED
    Clomid (Days 15 - 28) 50mg ED
    Nolva (Days 1 - 28) 20mg ED

    Milk Thistle ED
    Bulgarian Tribulus ED
    Tongkat Ali ED

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    lr3 igf-1 does'nt have any site enhencement.

    i would just shoot it in the biceps so that you can go deep in the muscle with a slin pin.
    i would lower my hgh dose when on igf to 2.5iu.


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