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    Ok, I officially believe in oratropin.

    Ok, personally, I can't justify the $100 price... But maybe its because Im poor.

    But, money aside, oratropin has proven to be great stuff.

    I bitched at the 4 day mark about not experiencing anything. Now im 8 days and boy have things turned around.

    Keep in mind Im still on a testosterone cycle, on week 19 which is the last week. But before you say muscle gains are because of the testosterone let me inform you that in the 19 weeks Ive been on cycle I have gained 9 pounds. Thats right, only 9 pounds. I've ate healthy and I've ate like a horse, as well as hit the weights hard, but all its done is put on fat, only little muscle. I used to be cut. Using test ruined my physique... The reason is NOTHING beats out genetics, and I simply dont have the genetics for successful bodybuilding.

    Well, thank you oratropin. I dont keep stats, thats why Im not using a log, I only go by what I see in the mirror and what my hands feel. In the past 8 days I have CUT UP and my arms are visibly larger. The definition in the area below the shoulder and above the tricep/bicep area is finally back. I hated losing that from gaining fat while on test. My stomach has leaned up and my abs are back. My ass is leaning up, that was the part that was hit hardest with fat while on cycle. My vascularity is back and it looks sick. Especially the veins below my abs. EW! But awesome.

    Today I went hypo. It was my first time going hype in my life so Im guessing thats what it was. I started feeling dizzy and just started to blankly stare. And I couldnt bring myself to really give a care... I just stared off into space... I ate a little, it went away.

    Anyways, I love oratropin. I plan to use it 45 days total, longer than most recommend, so that way Ill get the full 30 days of it while on PCT and the 15 days of using it before PCT starts.

    I wont go as far as to say its worth $100 for 15 days... But.... It seems safe. And though clen , DNP , and superdrol or something can do the same for you in 15 days, Im not sure any is as safe as oratropin. Clen speeds your heart, DNP is a poison, and superdrol will shut your hormones down. And if cell division is really true with oratropin and igf1, then thats definately an advantage over the substances named above as it may help with muscle growth after use.

    I cant promise Ill be a return user, due to price, but I can say I consider this product a definate success in my book, after only 8 days.

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    I agree that Oratropin definitely works. I did a 30 day cycle in July. I was not using anything else either. In that 30 days I got comments of being "cut up" and "ripped". I believe the main difference was from the Oratropin. It does take at least 10 days to really kick in IMO, but I am a believer. However, the price point is a little too high for me also. Maybe 30 days for $100.00 would be more in line. That I could live with.

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    Guys. Could you please pm me some info on oratropin and maybe even a source too...Thanks alot!!

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    Just FYI to Chris2Wire, you werent gaining fat by using test, test is actually one of the only AAS that actually helps you reduce were just water weighty. Congrats on the Oratropin success

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    Yea, I'm on my second kit of oratropin right now myself... Got mine around the same time chris2wire did... On Day 19. All I have to say is wow. Expensive product but it works. If I eat cleanly for about 2 or 3 consecutive days, I look real shredded. The reason I say 3 days or so is because I have been enjoying a cheat meal every 3rd day on it instead of once a week and my body fat has not gone up nor do I want to lose any... It's really good for cutting. I'm not taking anything else with it, but the pumps are great and I clearly have put on some size and am getting compliments about it. About the hypo. I feel fatigued a lot and sit around the house, but it's ok because this stuff is def. working for me.

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    I liked it better then GenSci LR3 IGF-1, cheapest you can get the for is 300 for 1mg and that's international


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