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    My first time using gh

    Ive done plenty of aas cycles but I will be starting my first gh cycle soon. I have my gh and I am dying to get started. First I have a few questions I really would like answers before i pull the trigger as to say.

    1. What is the smallest size/guage pin I can use for my injection?
    2. Can I inject quickly or should I push slowly like oil based aas?
    3.What is the perfect degree celsius (sp) to store my unused gh?
    4. How long can I store my unmixed gh at room temp?

    I do plan on doing 2.5ius per day 5on 2off. Im planning on injecting in the morning cause im a bit forgetful before bed especially on the weekends.

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    1.) You should be uning insulin needles for subq, but you could use 5/8 for IM
    2.)You can inject quickly as its water based
    3.)On the box it says between 2-8c, just keep it in fridge!
    4.)not sure, I wouldnt leave for longer than a day tho to be safe

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    Insulin ..29 g 1/2 "

    I would suggest injecting slowly.

    2-8 c is about 36 -45 degree's F (I keep my fridge at 38-40 now for HGH)

    Do not leave out for anytime if possible

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