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Thread: GH and var

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    GH and var

    whats up guys i havent been around here in about 10 months....i have been way to busy in pharmacy school but anywyas i just came off a cycle for 8 weeks of 40 anavar / day... i loved it i gained about 5 lbs of muscle and lost about 5 - 10 lbs of fat. well i was thinking about taking some GH, maybe 4 iu's a day for 4 - 6 months... ihave never done HGH before and i was just wondering if you think this dosing is alrght...while running the hgh i will through some var in there and maybe some low dose test....

    my sats are 5'9...200lbs...22 years old... been lifting for about 8 years

    my goals are fatloss (not much needed) and maybe some lean mass buliding...i am also interested in its affects of overall well-being

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    4iu's is fine. You're going to need at least 400iu's total to run that. But just taking the GH alone I dont think you will see tremendous results. Especially for your age.

    Read into IGF a little more. GH seems to be more mainstream but IGF will pay off more. Especially for your age. Good Luck!

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    At 22 I'd go with LR3, HGH is more age dependent


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