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    How much slin to my IGF-1 an HGH routine?

    So here we go. I'm 32 yrs 5'4 and 185, and i'd like to start IGF and HGH routine, but what is the right amount of slin in both cases?
    I know here are some gurus, so open your wisdom to me

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    have you run either of these compounds before?
    for how long are you planning on running everything and at what dose?
    i would'nt run slin and igf at the same time,your better off alternate them.


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    Jan 2005
    Well, i have not tried them before.
    And i'm planning to take atleast GH all around year. IGF-1 is totally new for me, and comments here (finland) has been so and so.
    First 3 months i take GH (Jin) 5iu and rais it up to 6-8iu depends on my financial situation. Mayby before competition i go as high as 10iu.
    IGF-1 mayby 20 mcg per shot???
    My body take roids very dramatically, and i gain pure muscle pretty easy.
    And also very low dosage.
    With all this my goal is to build body to match WC competitor mass to 85 kg in about 2 years, which means 10 kg pure muscle..
    Is it to much to ask, if you tell me how to take all the way?
    Dosages, split and slin.
    Thanx anyway.

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    If you're going to use that high of HGH doses you don't need LR3. I think you should do some more research before doing anything


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    Here in finland many has tried lower dosage and no result, only 4-6iu is working.
    Don't ask me why. So that is why so "high" dosage. But i'm willing to use lower ofcourse.
    And i also could start with IGF-1 and after that start HGH.
    But i really need to know how much slin in both cases, i don't want to play with my health more than i already am.

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