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    Question info

    hi i would like to know what u think of this Human Growth Hormone , HGH (rDNA origin):
    Most forms of rHG H is ONLY supplied in a lyphosized form, which means a dry powder
    state. Our Company and Genentech are the only existing Pharmaceutical that is able to
    supply this product in a pre-diluted form since we sub-contract Genentech’s facilities to
    manufacture this product for us.
    Im using it and i have no complains i would like to know the difference between them the one that comes in dry powder and the pre-diluted form.
    Let me know thanks

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    pre-diluted sounds like a scam. whatever you are receiving probably isnt hgh or isnt anymore.

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    Nutropin AQ human growth hormone is the first ready-to-use liquid growth hormone formulation and is supplied as either 10mg of sterile liquid somatropin per vial or per pen cartridge.

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