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    when to use HGH. you're gonna love me after you hear this interview

    this is also posted in the anabolic forum since it talks about test levels and hcg administration.

    interview w/ renowned doctor about gh, hcg, clomid. best thing ever listened too

    4:56 talks about hgh replacement
    8:55 talks about hcg injections and clomid use.

    This interview is fuking awesome. Just listen to the whole thing.

    These docs talking about hcg bringing back your testies. clomid brining back your testies. HRT directly linked to hgh increase and hgh increase directly related to test increase. talking about doses of cyp for hrt replacement, and doses of hcg to administer.

    Talking about too much hcg actually countering the very effect you want it to do.(16:20)

    Saying how they tell their patients to use hcg sub-q instead of IM.

    exercise promotes gh secreation, never take before you work out. This doc takes after he works out.(30:20) NEVER USE IT BEFORE BEDTIME.
    talking about arimedex helping test not to aromatize.(17:05)

    @ about th 35 minute mark they get into all the diif types of gh, shelf life, reconstituted life, ect. VERY VERY informative

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    Thanks for the link...great interview!

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