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    HGH with AAS mixed or Test only ??

    First, hi to all!!

    Since im a newbie to hgh and i want to add some new muscle mass, i was thinking of running a cycle with : Hgh 400i.u's, Test400, D-bol, Tren and Deca .

    I plan to run the hgh at 4i.u's/day, 5on/2off for 20 weeks, stack right away with Test400(600mg/week), d-bol(35mg/day) for 3/4 of the cycle and finish it off with Tren e(400mg/week) and Deca(500mg/week).

    My question is should i take Test only all 20 weeks or mix aas to take full advantage of the GH...??
    Or if you guys have better ideas for my cycle........


    My stats are:
    5'8'' 190 lbs around 9-10%bf
    6 years BB
    3 years AAS experience

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    Hello little freak and welcome to AR.

    Depending on what you are trying to achive, depends on what compounds you should use. However, there is no doubt that you will get a maximum effect if stacking AAS with HGH if you are looking at muscle mass.

    You must take into consideration that if you are stacking AAS with HGH, it's best if you start your AAS cycle a few months after you have started your GH cycle. This means you my have to run your GH cycle for longer than 20 weeks. I would say run it for at least 6 months. This way you have enough time to run a good GH cycle as well as a AAS cycle within that time.

    If you do go ahead with using GH, start on about 3IU p/day and work your way up till you find a dose that you are happy with. Once you have found the right dose stay on that dose till the end of cycle.

    There is plenty of information on both GH and AAS here so if you have any queries do a little research and you should find all the answers your looking for.

    All the best.


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    By the way, if you run a AAS cycle only, 10 - 12 weeks of AAS is enough. 20 weeks may be a bit too long.


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