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    insulin levels messed up after workout?

    this is a question about your body's insulin more than anything else.

    i notice that after a very intense workout (which is every workout!) i always crave a lot of sugar after. When i get home i'll eat like 2 containers of italian ice with 4 peaches and orange juice. it's just this big sugar craving i get.

    anyway, does this have to do anything with the body's insulin levels possibly changing after the workout? Just wondering the reason why i crave so much sugar after a workout. i don't feel hungry like this at any other time (hungry for so much sugar)

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    You see what happens is, once you consume carbohydrates, your body will convert it to glucose (sugar) and use that as energy.

    Then your body will use that glucose as energy during a workout. Once your body has used up the glucose, you will need to consume more.


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