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Thread: igf pwo

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    igf pwo

    Just wanting to get some opinions on a timeline on some bros pwo igf inject.
    1. How long afterwards until you inject?
    2. Do you drink a dex/protein before or after igf and how long before or after?
    3. How much dex and protein do u consume?
    4. How soon do you eat after the above mentioned and what sort of meal?

    I have heard several different opinons and I am just trying to figure out what is the most common way. Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    some pack it in the gym bag w/ them...thats how soon.

    As far as the rest...i dunno...nvr used it

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    Yes,those are my legs
    Here's my regimine :

    PWO shake 80g dextrose/46g of Whey/casien combo/10g Creatine
    15 mins later,my shot.
    1 hr later solid meal of chicken and steamed veggies.
    1 hr later 4 tablespoons of twin Labs liquid amino acids(YUK!!)


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    Here's mine:
    100g Ultra Fuel with 2g CEE In my truck right after gym
    10min later IGF shot
    10 min later 50g Whey shake with water
    30 minutes later chicken or steak and sweet or regular potato and 1 cup broccoli

    I even eat steak after slin and don't gain fat..I guess that's up to you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle
    Here's my regimine :

    PWO shake 80g dextrose/46g of Whey/casien combo/10g Creatine

    That's a dam thick shake huh??

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