Hey everyone, I am rather a newbe to HGH I have used it once nearly 3 years ago. I just picked up 2 kits (20 bottles) for my next cycle in November. I have 2 questions at this point.

My connection tells me to take 20U per day M-F. I see in the other posts to use 4-8 I.U. I dont have any needles yet to figure out how many U's equal 1 i.u. Money is not the issue and I want to make sure I take enough to get the maximum resaults from running HGH. Can someone tell me how many U's are in 1 i.u and if 20U per day is optimal.

I do not begin my next cycle till november 15, would it be a waste to start taking the HGH now to help put on muscle mass all the way through the end of my next cycle?

Any advice would be graetly appreciated